UDS 214 Military

ARMORED TELESCOPIC EXCAVATOR „UDS 214 Military”, mounted on Rheinmetall MAN HX 8x8 CHASSIS.

Self-propelled, multi-purpose ARMORED TELESCOPIC EXCAVATOR UDS 214 mounted on Rheinmetall MAN HX, 8x8 chassis, is primarily intended for support of engineer troops and finds its application wherever there is a need for immediate action to save lives and property, during natural disasters. It also plays an important role in securing technical means and structures supporting the operation of combat units. Chassis Rheinmetall MAN HX, 8x8 with armored cabin, ballistic protection STANAG LEVEL 2A and 2B UDS 214 Superstructure, armored air conditioning operator cabin, with ballistic protection STANAG LEVEL 2A and 2B, Increased protection of hydraulic parts and increased protection of extension boom

Main advantages


Telescopic excavator on automotive chassis, large working radius with fast moving between positions. Excellent passability in difficult terrain thanks to RMMV HX 8x8x.

Working range

The unique construction of the telescopic boom allows in the basic design horizontal reach of 14.6 m.


The possibility of controlling the chassis from the excavator cab increases the work productivity and UDS operability in the workplace. An operator controls movement, turning and stabilization pf the machine without getting into the chassis cab. Machine can operate in two modes: » „WORK“ mode – working with the superstructure and „DRIVE“ mode - enables control of the auxiliary drive – microtravel (to cover short distance on site), as well as the stabilizing supports directly from the superstructure cabin, without the need to start the undercarriage engine.

Rotating head

The possibility of rotating the tool in the full range n x 360 degrees increases machine variability during excavation works.




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